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I couldn’t have told you even 2 years ago that in 2019 I would be calling myself a Business Owner.

My career start certainly gave no indication as to where I might end up.

I left school and went straight to College to do a Nursery Nurse course. I loved being around children and by the grand old age of 13 decided I wanted to work with them. I had grown up in a market town in Somerset, eldest daughter of parents who owned and ran their own shops; their own businesses.
See where I might be going here?

One of the shops was a Gentlemen’s Outfitters otherwise known as a clothes shop. I loved helping out in it. And I wondered if I might take the shop over when I grew up. Hmmmm!

Destiny had a different path for me.

Dad gently planted the seed of travelling and grabbing opportunities that he said just weren’t available for his generation at the same age.

I became a private nanny and had THE best time working in Canada and London. After 3 years working in a nursery, I decided to completely change career direction and spent some time investigating and thinking. Until one day, another seed was planted by the nursery teacher I worked with.

The result was I joined the Royal Navy. Hugely out of my comfort zone and to this day if you ask me why I did it – the answer is I really don’t know.

I had no plans for how long I might stay. But on the Monday (known as Manic Monday – for good reason lol), during the last week of our Basic Training, another seed was planted. For some reason I stood out and was noticed – definitely not for my obstacle course or rope climbing skills! It was suggested to me that I could be a good candidate to become an officer.

Just 3 years later I joined BRNC, the officer training college at Dartmouth. I had to work hard to get there. Obtaining 2 extra GCSE’s, which |I never thought I might do. Then passing the 3 day interview board, and obtaining an age waiver (yes, according to the rules I was already too old at 27 to become an officer – pahaha) to commence the training.

I got there. Big YAY!

Fast forward some amazingly varied jobs during which time I had no plan or thought about how long I might keep serving. Got married and started a family. Then I left as it fitted in better with home life to no longer be serving. I had served for 17 years.

My husband (still serving) and I decided that I should take 2 years out until our youngest went to school. With no idea what I really wanted to do, I landed the first job I applied for. Working as a Bursar in a school. I’ll save what I learnt from this for another post, but what it did do – after I left, was change my direction again.

Because just 14 months later the experiences I was exposed to helped with the decision to become self-employed and set up my own business.

What this makes me realise every time I think about the journey I have made to get here is that we really don’t ever know where we are going to end up. And how amazing and rich life can be because of the twists and turns it takes us on. This change of direction and not always knowing when it might happen really intrigues me about life.

You know what? It’s made my journey so fascinating and while I still too often miss those experiences and days, I cannot wait for the next batch of experiences coming my way with being a Business Owner.

A Business Owner – just like my Dad was. What I once perhaps thought I might be with taking over my Dad’s shop…how funny is that?