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There are less distractions going on at home.

Some don’t agree with this. But consider this.

In a normal workplace environment the distractions are plentiful. Let’s think about it: random visitors to your office or desk; getting caught talking to someone while your morning wet (tea or coffee); your phone constantly ringing and you feeling like you HAVE to always answer or it may get noticed if you don’t; receiving random tasks to do that result in feeling you are not in charge or control of your own in-tray, and more importantly – your own time.

And here’s why I think working at home can be more productive.

YOU are in charge of your time. No one else – just you. Those distractions that are in a workplace are not even there at home. You can still ‘go to work’ in your office at home. You can get on with your tasks for the day with no interruptions from anyone else. You can choose whether you answer the phone.

But, you know what?

The BIGGEST thing about working from home is that it’s where YOU have chosen to be and where you (probably) feel you work best.

This means you are happier.

Those of us who make the decision to work from home, usually do so for very good reasons. They become our WHY’s.

Why do I work from home? For me, it’s all about family time. With 2 young children and a husband in the military, I am it during the working week. I want a good, workable work/life balance which means I can be there for my children. Running my own business from home means I can achieve that. It makes me happy.

Happier equals more productive.

I’m a big believer that you WILL always get the best out of people when they are happy with how, when, where they are working.

Of course I haven’t yet pointed out the most obvious thing about working from home. That by making that decision – YOU have to ensure you make it work. Get up every day and ‘go to work’. Focus on being productive and achieving your to-do list. Have processes and if need be create SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to follow. These will help make you accountable for yourself. Get stuff done. Because only you can make it happen.

Wherever you work, be it from home or an office or workplace – hopefully you are happy there and feel productive.

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