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Are you finding you have less & less time for growing your business? Does the thought of having a Virtual PA sound appealing? Are you ready to outsource some tasks?

We get it … life can be sooooo busy (I know we all say that but it’s true!), that your to-do list just keeps growing. Having a VA on board will help you achieve your to-do list, enabling you to focus on growing your business. A VA can have multiple experiences and skills and because of that, you may be surprised at the variety of tasks they can help you with. Nowadays the list is pretty endless and anything goes. Administration tasks like managing your inbox, calendar and electronic file system, creating documents and presentations, as well as carrying out research, managing your social media and marketing, setting up meetings and booking appointments and being your very own Virtual PA. These are just a few of the many tasks a VA will offer. A favourite task of mine is being a sounding board. In todays’ hugely fast paced, tech-focused world, knowing there is someone to bounce ideas around with and someone who gets what running and growing a business is like, can be hugely reassuring. That is why one of the services offered at Horizon VA is Business Brainstorming Buddy. We can help with brainstorming anything related to the running of your business. This might be:

  • Business Goals/Action Plan
  • Business Strategy or Plan
  • Team Focus and Restructure
  • Streamlining processes
  • Sounding Board and Confidant

I’m happy to help with research in anything related to this area of your business too. There’s a ton of information and advice out there today, but it can take up valuable time looking for it.

To find out more this and any of our services, get in touch for a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call.